Why make your own wine? 

The Value

You can craft winery-quality wine for a fraction of what you would spend on similar store bought wine. We offer the same raw materials as you'd find at a commercial wine store for a fraction of the cost. 

The Convenience

Have a cellar full of wine for every occasion and food pairing right at your fingertips. No more trips to the store! 


We can craft your wine to be exactly how you like it. Do you prefer a zippier Pinot Grigio? An oaky Chardonnay? A big, bold red with a touch of sweetness? We can do that! 

how it's done

5 Easy Steps to Making Your Wine 

Experience craft winemaking for yourself and see why nearly 20 million bottles of Winexpert  wine is crafted each year!


There was a time when bottle re-use was common practice! Soda pop bottles were once refillable, and milk bottles were collected & returned refilled! It's time for your wine to revisit a sustainable packaging alternative! 

Saving the environment is great... but you can save money too!

When you package your wine yourself, you avoid most of these added profits & costs, of which packaging, transportation, fuel, and LCBO & Federal profit make up a big chunk of the price of a bottle of wine! 

All of our wines have the same raw material and winemaking process as the wine you'll find at the LCBO - just without the extra costs.