Wedding Package

Let Homecraft take care of all your wine needs on this special day. Customized wine, customized labels, guaranteed quality.

How much wine?

A good rule of thumb is about 500ml per guest – some guests will consume no wine, and some will consume more, and it’s always better to have some left over than not enough!

Each batch makes 23 litres (30x750ml bottles), enough for 46 guests using these numbers:

  • 1-45 guests = 1 batch
  • 46-90 guests = 2 batches
  • 91-135 guests = 3 batches
  • 136-180 guests = 4 batches, etc.

White wine goes best with white meat (chicken, pork, fish), and red wine better with red meat (beef, steak).

If your batch total is an odd number, you may wish to round up to equate white & red batches, or divide them such that the greater number of batches is based on the type of meat served at the dinner.

What kind of wine?

In white, Chamblaise (dry, blended wine), Riesling or Liebfraumilch (fruitier German style) and Unoaked Chardonnay are popular choices. Avoid sweet wines, but those that are a ‘1’ on the sugar scale (smoother off-dry wines) should be suitable for everyone.

In red, Merlot is the most popular choice, as it is soft and easy going, which should appeal to almost everybody. Blended reds would be okay as well. Avoid heavy, tannic reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon, unless you have a lot of time to age the wine.

Pick your quality

Vintner’s Reserve™ 4-week wine kits are very good wines, at a great price. Best for weddings 1-5 months away

Selection™ Premium 6-week wine kits are definitely the highest quality wines, but do need more time to age. Best for weddings 5-18 months away

Prices (subject to change)

Vintner’s Reserve™ 4-week wines
Includes all taxes, corks, shrink caps, and personalized labels! – approx $114.00-$119.00

Selection™ Premium 6-week wines
Includes all taxes, corks, shrink caps, and personalized labels! – approx $147.00-$159.00

Bottles are not included, but you can purchase any that you require at bottling time. 30 x 750 ml bottles = $29.70 +tax

If using wine as gifts, 375 ml wine bottles are available @ 1.16 each + tax.


# Batches _____ @ $ ________ = $ ________
# Bottles _____ @ $1.12 (tax incl) = $ ________

Personalized labels, corks, & shrink caps are all included n/c!

Total: $ ________

Wedding Labels

Our wedding wine package comes with personalized wedding labels at no extra charge.

  1. Choose A Label Style – (check out for samples)
  2. How Many Labels (required)
  3. Names to Appear on the Label
  4. Wedding Date
  5. Special Phrase (optional – see below)

Suggestions for your labels:

“Today I will marry my best friend.”
“Join us in celebration, on our special day.”
“To celebrate the first day of the rest of our lives together.”
“To have and to hold from this day forward.”
“When two hearts become one.”
“May all your days be filled with love.”
“The joining of two hearts… souls… lives.”
“Love washes in like the tide soothing the parched sand.”
“No hill too steep, no trail too long, to keep our love from growing strong.”
“With this ring I thee wed.”
“Two hearts, two lives, joined together in friendship.”
“Thanks for being here at the start of our new life together.”
“Join us on this special day, where two become one.”
“Love fills the moment, and the moment begins eternity.”
“The miracle of love is that love is given to us, to give to others.”
“Love lights the hearts of those who share it.”