Brewing Ingredients

For those looking to make their own craft beer, skip the beer kits and DIY!  The process is simple (you’ll need a pot and a spoon) and the quality is unbeatable.

BREWING INGREDIENTS (current stock, subject to change – if you don’t see it, just ask)

Liquid Malt – Pale (1.2 kg)
Dried Malt (DME) – Pale (1.0 kg)
Dried Malt (DME) – Amber (1.0 kg)
Dried Malt (DME) – Dark (1.0 kg)
Dried Malt (DME) – Wheat (1.0 Kg)
Sorghum malt, rye malt extract, rice syrup solids.

2-row Pale Malt
2-row Maris Otter
6-row Pale Malt
Bohemian Pilsner Malt
Munich Malt
Vienna Malt
Wheat Malt
Crystal Malt Organic 15ºL
Crystal Malt (70ºL)
Crystal Malt (120ºL)
Special B
Roasted Barley
Chocolate Malt
Black Malt
Smoked Malt
Biscuit Malt
Rye Malt
Honey Malt
Flaked Corn, Flaked Oats, Flaked Barley

also available – most anything you can think of by special order (many others, just ask!)

HOPS (varieties & alpha% current as of Nov 2014)
Cascade 7.0%                           Halertau  (5.0%)
Northern Brewer 8.6                  Magnum
Fuggles 4.0%                            Czech Saaz (3.2%)
Simcoe                                     Tettnanger (4.0%)
East Kent Goldings 3.9%            CITRA (13.4%)
Centennial                                Liberty
Amarillo                                   Glacier
… stock changes regularly — many others available – just ask!

YEASTS (varieties current as of April 2012)
Coopers 7 gram                         Saflager S-23 11 gram
Windsor Ale 15 gram                  Safbrew S-33  11 gram
Nottingham Ale 15 gram             Safale S-04     11 gram
Munich 15 gram                         Safale US-05   11 gram
BRY-97 West Coast IPA

Also available: irish moss, gypsum, dextrose, maltodextrin, Belgian candi sugar, lactose, root beer & spruce beer extracts, dried orange peel, Star San sanitizer & more