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Brewers Best (new!) – Intermediate beer kits

Canadian Blonde, Draught, Lager, Czech Pilsner, European Lager, Australian Pale Ale, IPA, Bitter, Old Dark Ale, Stout, Mexican Cerveza.
Back In Stock: Coopers Wheat Beer & Coopers Irish Stout
New Varieties!: Sparkling Ale


Canadian Lager, Canadian Pilsner, Canadian Blonde Ale, Canadian Draught, Canadian Light, Red.



MORGANS (available by order)
Canadian Lager, Canadian Pilsner, Canadian Light, Canadian IPA (regular stock item).




BLACK ROCK (available by order)
Apple Cider (regular stock item), Whispering Wheat, Dry Lager, Colonial Lager, Export Pilsner, IPA, Mexican Lager, Miners Stout, N.Z. Company Bitter, Nut Brown Ale.


Blonde, American Light. Others available.




BARONS (available by order)
Lime Lager (seasonal), Dutch Lager, Redwood Ale, Canadian Hi-Test, Brown Ale.





Variety availability subject to change.  MANY other beer kits available for special order – just ask!