How much does it cost?”
A typical ‘4-week’ wine made at Homecraft will cost between $99 and $120, depending on the quality level you choose. This price includes taxes, corks, bottle washing, labels and decorative shrink capsules.  Bottles are not included (bring your own empties, or we sell them here).

A typical ‘6-week’ (or “premium”) wine will be around $147 to $159.

How many bottles does it make?”
Every batch produces 23 litres… or about thirty 750ml bottles.

How do I get started?”
Just come on in. We’re always ready to make wine — and it only takes 5 minutes to ‘start’ a batch (click here for the step-by-step process).  Like thousands of others before you, you’ll be pleased you did..

“How do you make beer?”
click here for full step-by-step instructions

“Can I keg my beer?”
Yep.  Very easily.  click here for a kegging brochure