Homecraft WinePress August 2015

Dear Customer,


During the month of August, come in and save $12
when making of one of the above wines

 Have your perfect batch of wine ready for the fall!


Announcing the 2015 Holiday Island Mistpromotion from Winexpert!

‘Tis the season to be jolly and what’s more jolly than sharing your homemade wine during the holidays?

Whichever of these two make it onto your list for Santa, we will begin taking orders on September 2nd.



Bold and Assertive. Strength and Structure.

A New Eclipse is here!

Just like a real Eclipse, this big Italian red can only be experienced for a limited time.

Winexpert has secured a limited quantity of superb quality juice and is able to offer it as a limited release product under the Eclipse brand. The quantity of juice is limited but we expect Forza to be available for about only four months.

Forza, which means ‘strength’ in Italian, is a bold red blend from Veneto, Italy. It’s a blend of Corvina, Sangiovese and Barbera and includes grape skins for added depth.


Do you know anyone who is interested in making their own wine?

When you send them to us, both of you can receive $20 off your next batch!

All you need to do is come in-store and grab some customer referral cards and you will both be eligible for the discount.