Getting Into Craft Brewing - Part II - The Equipment

Apr 14, 2012

OK.  You've made it to this article, so I'm going to assume that I've sold you on the merits of brewing your own craft beer. 

Now you have to promise yourself that you're going to actually do this!  (writing your promises down help you to keep them, so start by getting a journal, with the first entry being "My first batch of craft beer is going to be a ________".)  

This also means you'll have to go shopping (at Homecraft, of course) and acquire some basic fermentation equipment.

That's going to be the following:

a) a large food-grade primary fermenter (others call it a bucket) that holds about 30L
b) a 23L carboy (others call it a big jug) either plastic or glass
c) an airlock & stopper to fit these vessels
d) a siphon kit (this is how you move the beer from the 'bucket' to the' jug')

And there you go -- that's really the only equipment you need to make your own beer!  If you want to put it in bottles, you'll need those too (we'll talk about kegging later).  Glass bottles from the beer store will work - you'll need about 3x24's.  If you're going plastic - 46 x 500ml or 23 x 1L will be sufficient.  Glass bottles will require bottle caps (it's ok, they're pretty cheap) & a capper (we can loan you one).

Our beer starter kit is a great deal if you want a complete package special - there's a few extras in there, but you'll save a few bucks versus piecing together the components separately.

Next entry - the beer kits.